Father’s Day Is About Introspection

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

Breakfast in bed, a day of relaxation, a special church meeting, time alone, a promise not to be nagged, a tie, a mug, your favorite dinner, handmade cards, etc.

And then the next Sunday rolls around and it’s back to business as usual.

If one Sunday a year is set apart for Dad to be taken special care of by the members of his family, what is Dad’s responsibility on Father’s Day? I would contend that Dad should look within himself on Father’s Day to see just how deserving he is of special treatment. If he deserves it then he must be doing something right, right? But what does that mean?

Being a father is about more than just going to work, bringing home a paycheck, and locking your doors at night. It’s about being present, everyday, in the lives of your wife and children. It’s about putting your phone down when you just want to check one more thing. It’s about engaging in excellent conversation with your wife. It’s about helping her finish the day’s operations in the home. It’s about being a daily part of your children’s education by mentoring them, reading to them, and working with them. It’s about introspection. It’s about leading out by serving your neighbors. It’s about giving of yourself. It’s about serving.

Look, I know that being a father isn’t easy, but it can certainly be joyful. It is meant to be! And while it is well to be celebrated as a dad, it isn’t the ultimate realization of fatherly happiness. That joy isn’t found in a “day off.” It is found in being the best father you can possibly be everyday.

So, by all means, enjoy your new tie. Enjoy your mug. Enjoy your favorite dinner.

But enjoy fatherhood the most.

Eli Bowman enjoys business, sports, spirituality, learning about life, politics, writing, & being with the fam. Husband to a remarkable woman. Father of twins & triplets.

Author: Eli Bowman

A husband, father, free thinker, entrepreneur, philosopher, and family man who loves frisbee golf.

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