Podcast: Is Virginia in Play for 2020?

Remso is joined by Republican Heather Mitchell, the GOP nominee for Virginia’s 2nd HOD district as they discuss issues targeting women and whether Virginia is still winnable for Republicans statewide.


About Heather

Heather Mitchell is running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 2nd District because she knows what it means to serve our community. Heather is a Republican, the mother of three children and the spouse of an active duty prior-enlisted Marine Corps Officer.

Before her current marriage, Heather worked three jobs as a single mother in order to provide a quality life for her young daughter. Heather’s determination for a better life led her down a path of service and she has fought to provide solutions to the issues facing our community.

As the next Delegate, Heather will stand up for our community. She will be the fresh voice that we need. Together, we can move the 2nd District forward.

Author: Remso W. Martinez

Remso W. Martinez is a journalist and Amazon bestselling author of “Stay Away From the Libertarians!” You can follow him on Twitter @RemsoForVa or on his website rwmartinez.com.

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